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Me Again

By the way, I actually am not originally from Fargo, in case you are confused. I'm from the Twin Cities area. So, my accent really can't be THAT bad.


Hey Katie, I'm related to some Danish Sorensons too on my maternal grandfather's side... Apparently a batch of Sorensons and Gregersens landed in deep southern Illinois a few generations back... Grandpa's a Gregersen. Wonder if we might be related?


Waaaayy too funny! Awesome story! And it's too true. As soon as I tell someone other than home that I'm from Wisconsin, they want to know if I have indoor plumbing and if I wear shoes on a regular basis. Hello! Of course we have indoor plumbing and I wear shoes. I simply answer with a "ya, hay dere. nice day eh?"


BTW, Ebert and Roeper gave it tow thumbs down so it must be a good movie. :)


Hey Songstress...while I'm pretty sure there are no Gregersens in my family tree, only my Grandpa knows that side of my family tree for sure. I couldn't get a hold of him today, but I'll keep trying. What I DO know is that my Grandpa grew up in southern Missouri, and because of that coincidence I'm thinking there is a distinct possibility his Dad (his name was Soren Sorensen) may have at least started off in southern Illinois, and then moved. I'll get back to you when I know for sure, but it is kind of weird to think about. Either way, I'm glad you are representing the Danish pride. :)


Oh, Kim...you being from a small town, I'm sure you get it worse than even I do! The indoor plumbing question is classic. The movie is def. a chick flick, although oddly, the guy I saw it with enjoyed it more than my girl friend and I did. I think it's because, according to him, "Julia Stiles is just plain hot." Typical.


Well I definitely need to see it for sure now. I loved the movie Fargo so I'm sure this will be def. Yes, I get teased a lot. I guess I say "yaaaaa" a lot. Do you think it sounds like a line from Fargo? :)


Damn. I wanted to see that movie...in a girly chick flick Sunday afternoon kinda way. Bummer to hear that it was a disappointment. And why didn't they shoot on location? Is it really that expensive to film in Madison?

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