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Some of us are enjoying this blog indeed. Although I completely disagree with you about politics, I respect your passion for the Republican Party. I totally can relate to this post. I graduated last December, and have been try to find a fulfilling job ever since. I remember also changing my cell phone message to a more formal tone, while checking it over many times keeping the one sounding the most professional. Now four months later, I struggle to stay hopeful and confident. At last, I see an end to my tumultuous tunnel of dead ends, wasted letters, and useless emails. I see a bright end to the tunnel, and observe one of three potential jobs in the near future. I already feel happy, so I hope to recognize success soon.


Good luck, Eric...there are lots of us like you out there :). Keep your positive attitude and I'm sure you will succeed in your quest. I know it's easy for me to say, and I am trying (although possibly not sucessfully) to take my own advice...but I know for sure that I can't say anything that can help you completely. All I can promise is, one day, when I'm a CEO or some really important Exec (and oh, it will happen), I will offer my help to those who need it (if I deem them worthy, of course, as I am NOT about the free rides.) People who are cool deserve success, and in my opinion they should get it, provided they work hard through the good times and bad. I know, I am a slight romantic, can't help it though. Sigh. Anywho I'll stop rambling now, but seriously, good luck.

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